Madonna Celebration (Fan version)

Madonna Celebration (Fan version)
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  1. Lynn Jacobs said...

    Perfect for a Saturday morning, coffee in bed, Madge's Celebration!

    Who could ask for more? (that would reveal to much 411).

    Zephr Alex and I had a "thing" on FB. He'd post Anda Adam, I'd say, Forerunner~Madge! Oh what fun we had and he would sit and think, well, yes!

    No one can take the place of the Goddess of Pop! Her Madesty, the Queen.

    I remember being invited to my hairdresser's Halloween Party where we were all required to dress up as either you or MJ. I chose MJ: easier outfit and I had the socks, hat & glove. My hairdresser's boyfriend, on the other hand, put together a smashing outfit of your like-a-virgin wardrobe, down to the veil, white stockings, cones and adorable hand-sewn bodice and tutu... lol. Of course he won the contest, I have no idea how he's able to walk in those but he's a drag queen too so I guess he had lots of practice... (i hope ya'll are enjoying this story...lmao)

    Celebration, yes, we celebrate your life with admiration and love.

    You are more than a Pop Diva.

    You give back to society in ways that most people are unaware of since you are Kabbalah, no regrets, sans ego and you help the world with charities, events & truth, as you and I both know it.

    Namaste. Keep on keeping on.
    Hola a la family y DJ Luz (your yumyum) lol

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