Madonna - The Lady Is A Vamp - Full Movie

Madonna - The Lady Is A Vamp - Full Movie
Having sold over 300 million records worldwide, and in the process become the top selling female recording artist of all time, scoring 13 number one singles and 11 chart topping albums in the UK alone, Madonna is without doubt The Queen of Pop . The Queen too of reinvention, for over 30 years she has pioneered new styles and changed trends and in so doing has become a fashion icon and trend setter of enormous regard. But let s not forget her acclaimed forays into the worlds of acting, writing, designing and film directing where Madonna s creative spirit and business acumen have seen her become one of the most successful, famous and recognisable figures in the world today. Madonna The Lady is a Vamp is a documentary film which celebrates the performance side of the lady s success; her incredible live shows; her erotic and highly charged dance routines; those delicious videos; her sublime acting skills and her ever present public image always ready to come up with the unexpected. With ex

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