Madonna: Naked Ambition (3/6) - UK TV Special

Madonna: Naked Ambition (3/6) - UK TV Special
Part 3 of 6. Part 4 of 6. **Please note: Parts 5 & 6 of 'Naked Ambition' can be viewed exclusively at . MadonnaBCE is entirely devoted to Madonna 'Before the Common Era' 1978-1985', with an emphasis on her punk rock beginnings, and is chock full of rare early songs, documentaries as well as fan-made slideshows and videos. Check it out...**

MADONNA: NAKED AMBITION The true story of the world's biggest pop star before she was famous. UK TV special from 2000 that examines Madonna's early years in New York prior to making it big featuring extremely rare interviews with former manager Camille Barbone; grafitti artist Fab 5 Freddy; backing dancer/clubbing buddy Erica Bell; designer and friend Maripol; and former boyfriends Norriss Burroughs, Stephen Bray, Futurama 2000, Mark Kamins and Dan Gilroy, the man who forever changed the course of Madonna's life when he taught her two simple chords on the guitar and let her join his band, The Breakfast

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