Madonna without Photoshop

Madonna without Photoshop
I made this video to show people that Madonna, despite her 54 years, is young, beautiful and in very good shape. There are many Internet photo montages of Madonna in which she appears too old. Photoshop serves both to make someone look younger and beautiful, but also to aging and make people become ugly. I recorded these videos closing up Madonna's face in her last tour in Paris in 2012. There you can see the true Madonna, without any trick. I do not know and have never seen a woman with the same age and with all these attributes. Thirty years of success does not compare to four years. I want to see how would be Lady Gaga at 54... I ask myself if she can even manage to stay on top of the charts for thirty years.

As Nick Minaj sang "There's only one real Queen, and that's Madonna! Lady Gaga is very talented, but everybody knows that talent is not enough.

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