Madonna - Shine A Light (early track 1980)

Madonna - Shine A Light (early track 1980)
"Shine A Light" first surfaced on a bootleg picture disc single release in Europe in 1992 on Receiver Records accompanied by two other songs supposedly from the same sessions: "On The Ground" (a song actually titled "Safe Neighborhood") and "Little Boy" (actually titled "Little Boy Lost"). These songs were actually licensed from Mia Mind Music, a New York based record label/indie promotions business previously responsible for licensing out the horrible Otto von Wernherr songs that Madonna had sang backup on in her pre-fame days. While it is unclear what the exact arrangement was, it appears likely that Madonna had an agreement with the Mia Mind studio owner that allowed her to record some of her own material in exchange for performing background vocals on other studio clients recordings, thus also explaining the Otto von Wernherr connection. Therefore, most likely these recordings are in fact, the earliest professional solo recordings by Madonna heard to this day and were probably reco

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