Madonna - 4 Minutes [Official Video]

Madonna - 4 Minutes [Official Video]
I'm outta time and all I got is 4 minutes (8x)

Come on yeah

Break down come on


Come on boy

I've been waiting for somebody

To pick up my stroll

Justin Timberlake

Well don't waste time

Give me a sign

Tell me how you wanna roll


I want somebody to speed it up for me

Then take it down slow

There's enough room for both

Justin Timberlake

Well, I can handle that

You just gotta show me where it's at

Are you ready to go

(Are you ready to go)


If you want it

You already got it

If you thought it

It better be what you want

If you feel it

It must be real just

Say the word and imma give you what you want


Time is waiting

We only got 4 minutes to save the world

No hesitating

Grab a boy

Grab a girl

Time is waiting

We only got 4 min

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