When You Call My Name

When You Call My Name

Title: When You Call My Name

Song: Like A Prayer

Artist: Madonna

Warnings: Over-use of slow-motion and an 80s song

Summary: When he was little, Dean's mother used to tell him angel were watching over him...He never believed in it until he got his own angel.

Notes: This started as an inside joke between my friend abbalipps1 and I. This song came up on the radio, and we were like ''Omg Castiel song!''..yeah because any song for us that speaks of angel, or god or faith is all about Castiel loll. Anyways, so I decided to vid to it, since I was out of inspiration and finally I like the result. It's funny and catchy and I really like the coloring of this one. I thought I would share this vid. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Supernatural clips and Madonna's song don't belong to me. I'm not making any profit out of this, I'm just vidding for fun.

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