Madonna's Sticky & WET Tour in Oslo - July 30 2009 HD

Madonna's Sticky & WET Tour in Oslo - July 30 2009 HD

Madonna had a hard day at work for sure.

She said she risked her life for us!

Madonna is NOT happy when it rains, and she was a little grumpy the first half hour...and she did not at all feel sorry for the 40000 that was standing in the rain for hours waiting for the technicians to say GO! , but hey!! she is MADONNA and we love her !!

Thank you Madonna for a great show!

Get out and buy your tickets for Madonna - Sticky & Sweet Tour 2009 !!

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  1. Lynn Jacobs said...

    The Goddess Of Pop Rocks & Is Sticky & Sweet Like C-A-N-D-Y;

    Get Up Off A Yo Seat (luv it when Ellen Does This & Dances On her Show)

    Awesome Montage.

    Neighbor Knocked On Door With A Slice Of Sweet Watermelon, Sticky & Sweet, Lovely & Light & Wat A Delight To Listen 2 The Awesome Wonder Of You & Dance & Eat All At The Same Time!

    (giggle & wiggle)

    You are A RAY OF LIGHT: YES, YES, YES, U ARE, WITH A LITTLE ‘RAY OF LIGHT”. Kabbalah. Namaste.

    No One Can Ever Stop You Or Top You!

    Muah! Sissy
    Hola a la familia, Y besame DJ Luz *Wink

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