Madonna ReInvention Tour In Toronto Speech

Madonna ReInvention Tour In Toronto Speech
Here is the infamous-but-rarely-seen three-and-a-half minute speech Madonna gave to her final night in Toronto during the 2004 ReInvention World Tour (July 21). During most other stops on this tour, she would get to this point in the show (right after Papa Don't Preach), say nothing usually (if not maybe a few sentences), swig from a water bottle, and continue singing...but at this show, she completely came out of her usual slick-professional-performer character and gave a LONG, heartfelt speech about how much she loved Toronto, how she wanted to stay all night, how she would have booked the city for a month if she knew the crowds were as great as they were. Even her band begins to get impatient lol. Immediately after Toronto, Madonna returned to saying nothing during this part of the show and the only other time the show got stopped at this point was when backup singers Donna and Siedah sang to her at birthday show in the UK. Truly, Madonna loves Toronto, and has gotten over any

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