J.LO shows of her huge bump for Madonna's U.N. fundraiser

J.LO shows of her huge bump for Madonna's U.N. fundraiser

Add pregnancy to the list of the things Jennifer Lopez does well.

"She's so sophisticated," Liz tells me. "She's like a breath of fresh air to see someone looking very ladylike. A lot of the younger stars all look great, but they're dressing more with their bellies showing and low jeans. J.Lo looks regal."

"She still looks sexy, but you can look sexy in a one-shoulder Grecian column or you can look sexy in a fitted suit or dress. Sexy doesn't have to be showing off absolutely everything and leaving nothing to the imagination."

"What's most important is not trying to hide you're pregnant," she says. "You want to show it off because hiding it just makes you look fat and big."

Jennifer is around eight months pregnant - with twins - but is finding it difficult to take it easy: "Right now the best thing I can do for myself, for my body is to keep resting which is not easy for me. I like keeping busy and it is very hard b

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  1. Lynn Jacobs said...

    Important fundraiser... yes, Madge is more than the "Pop Diva", she organizes and raises funds for important charitable work.

    What a cute couple they are! And karma, Madge, in this clip, Jerry scoots right behind them but caught on camera, no such thing as coincidence, Sissy, lol.

    Thanks for sharing. I seriously want you to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

    Kabbalah. No regrets.

    Hola a la familia y DJ Luz Te amo, mmmmmmMadge. The Goddess of Pop!

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