Concerto Madonna Udine. Soundcheck

Concerto Madonna Udine. Soundcheck
Madonna durante le prove a Udine.

Rehearsal in Udine, Italy

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  1. Lynn Jacobs said...

    Now, you know I love this even though the sound sucks. Ray Of Light!

    And you are a ray of light, sunshine and your comments to the world are a breath of fresh air - truth - Kabbalah.

    mmmmmMadge. The fleur de lis on the guitar strap is awesome! I relate to that & the gibson (had to sell mine to eat!)

    The Goddess of Pop, she reigns supreme in Earth's history of musical evolution and spiritual evolution.

    Shiva, Shanti, AUM.

    Hugs & Kisses!


    Hola a la familia (En Los Estados Unidos, Sur America (ah Rio) y Todo El Mundo) pinch DJ Luz 4 me

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