Madonna - Burning Up (1981 Stephen Bray Demo)

Madonna - Burning Up (1981 Stephen Bray Demo)
Stephen Bray produced demo of Madonna's "Burning Up" from 1981. As Stephen Bray himself noted about this track: "Looking back, it seems we nailed a 'Joan Jett' sitting in with 'New Order' kind of sound." This version of "Burning Up" (also known as "Burning Up '81") was originally released in 1997 on Stephen Bray's self-released album of early Madonna demos called "Pre-Madonna".

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  1. tonylongowithman said...

    es una fantastico regalo , nada menos que madonna
    cantando la cancion original de burnin up, todo un mega hit de su carrera, muchas gracias no lo tenia y me viene genial para mi obra love on midgnight!

  2. Lynn Jacobs said...

    Ahhhhh. Her Madgesty.

    Everybody knows that the Goddess Of Pop Rocks with lyrical and musical hooks.

    Yeah, she'll always be on fire.

    Joan Jett, mmmm, Pat Benatar, I hear that!

    I don't know how I would have made it through my life without her presence and the essence of her loving heart.

    The entire world is grateful for you, your charitable work and I am extremely grateful for your enlightenment! Kabbalah. No regrets.

    Muah! Madge :-)


    Hola a la famlia, pinch DJ Luz por mi, lol

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