Confessions Tour: Hung Up Backdrop [Remastered]

Confessions Tour: Hung Up Backdrop [Remastered]
Live perfomance has been taken out in this final version since many people wanted like that. Please comment and rate. En esta version final decidi no incluir clips del concierto desde que hubo usuarios que lo pidieron de esta manera. Comenten y califiquen.

Exclusive credits goes to Vellure.

One year ago I uploaded "Hung Up Backdrop" inspirated by Vellure's version, I felt like i could do a good job recreating my fanmade version of this song, It was my first fanmade backdrop that I did back then, this song is the responsible to made myself today to like almost all Madonna songs. So I needed to make a backdrop of it. People rated, comment, and favorited it. Everyone like the video so much that made me realized that I could make more backdrops videos. Unfortunately WMG started to take down videos on youtube, and my video was one of them. So I did audioswap and instantly decided to put it private since it was pointless. I couldnt stand not to show the full versio

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