Me and Madonna

Me and Madonna
In 1998 I won a much music contest to meet Madonna. Now before you make fun of me and the ridiculous shirt I was wearing, please keep in mind that I was a 19 year old candy raver at the time and that I had 2 days to get used to the idea of meeting Madonna in person and on national television. I was not allowed to say anything except for the one planed question and I was to ask it in french to represent Montreal. As if I was gonna do that now...Thank god I was allowed to bring my sister and two friends along to help calm me down. I was a nervous wreck! I actually don't even remember the moment when I spoke to her but I do remember every moment before and after. She was so funny and a reel sweetheart with us that day. Enjoy!

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  1. Ique said...

    Oh God!!!!!!

    It was you!!!!!!

    I've watched this interview months ago, I loved, especially when she eats candies.

    Congratulations, you were blessed.

    I was in the shows here in Brazil, I followed her in the visit in São Paulo last year and i feel her light, she vibrate and you feel in a distance, I imagine you talking to her

  2. Maria Pipoca said...

    oh, that was so nice, so good... I get really happy for you! Congrats!

  3. Koukla said...

    OMG i remember watching it live on TV ! I think i still have it in my collection on VHS

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