Madonna on Oprah (BBC News)

Madonna on Oprah (BBC News)
This is a clip from BBC news reporting on Madonna's first interview since the adoption controversy began. She spoke with Oprah Winfrey.

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  1. tonylongowithman said...

    hombre madonna siempre ya de por si es noticia, a este punto debo decir, que ha hecho algo muy especial por esos niños de malawi, podría haber elegido a otros niños, y aun asi seria igual la reaccion, creo que la gente cuestiona cualquier cosa que haga madonna o diga, es su vida personal, y ahi hemos de respetarla todos..

  2. Lynn Jacobs said...

    No one can take the place of The Goddess of Pop. She is a Forerunner & is and was ahead of her time. She reinvents herself! She has surrendered her ego for the greater good of the earth and earth's evolution and she knows how important children are. She gives to the less fortunate and by the grace of God, she was able to adopt another child from Malawi. My hope for her future work, to build schools for women and young girls who have been abused, is that she be able to accomplish all the good intentions she holds in her heart. I also hope that she is able to produce and direct socially relevant movies. Madonna deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.

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