A gift from Madonna

A gift from Madonna
Cloud receives a guitar from Madonna

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  1. tonylongowithman said...

    ohhhhhh que detallle amazing !
    la verdad es que madonna es muy generosa, cuando alguien se lo merece, y esta es una prueba de ello.

  2. Lynn Jacobs said...

    See what Sissy did! She gave away a guitar and said, "you gotta promise me 1 thing... write some good shit on it". She knows how self-expression (Express Yourself) is vital to one's evolutionary process in life.

    She knows what it means to have a good instrument that feels good in your hands and, yes, she enjoys an axe like all of us who play one (i sleep with mine... lol... safe sex...and my other half, David isn't here for me to play with...lmao.. oh, Sissy is that too much 411... lol)

    Her Madgesty's generosity is straight from the heart.

    The Goddess of Pop. Kabbalah.

    Shalom. Namaste.
    Hola a la familia y besame mucho DJ Luz

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